Fluence Analytics provides industrial and laboratory monitoring solutions that produce continuous data streams. Combined with powerful, proprietary analytical tools, the data from ACOMP and ARGEN enable realtime optimization, leading to improved process control and faster R&D for polymer and biopharmaceutical manufacturers.

ACOMP’s realtime data streams enable customers to optimize and control polymerization processes—contributing to greater yields, improved product quality, and reduced cycle times. The smart manufacturing system continuously measures critical polymer properties, including residual monomer, monomer conversion, polymer composition, molecular weight, and intrinsic viscosity.

ARGEN’s kinetic data enables customers to detect the onset of aggregation under various stress conditions, rank the stability of proteins and peptides, and develop efficacious products more efficiently. This static light scattering instrument is composed of 16 independent cuvette sample cells. Each of these cells are capable of precise control of thermal, chemical, and mechanical stress.

Formerly Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies (APMT), the company was founded in 2013 to commercialize technologies developed at Tulane University’s PolyRMC. The company rebranded as Fluence Analytics in 2017 to emphasize its focus on continuous process analytics and to better reflect its vision for the future of polymer and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. 

Company Values


Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, one dataset at a time


Striving to deliver the best quality of products and data to our customers


Providing customers with reliable systems that generate accurate data


Delivering realtime, novel insights that transform customer processes


Committed  to honesty and empiricism in our relationships with customers