Fluence Analytics Panel on the Future of Advanced Materials

Alex Reed Leads a Panel Discussion on the Future of Advanced Materials

Alex Reed, CEO of Fluence Analytics, recently led an exciting panel discussion on trends for advanced materials. The panel occurred during the 2021 Frontier Conference, a leading conference focused on emerging technologies for all key industrial sub-sectors. The 2021 Frontier Conference included national thought leaders who discussed solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. The panelists included Patrick Suel, President of Diamond Edge Ventures, Robert Agnew, Co-Founder and CEO at TruSpin Nanomaterial Innovation, and Tina Tosukhowong, Senior Director at GC Ventures America. During this dynamic discussion, panelists touched on various aspects of the future of new and smart materials, including enabling technologies, sustainability, reducing time to market, and securing funding. Click here to watch the recording of the Advanced Materials panel or view it below. 

Alex Reed also participated as a panelist during the Chemicals & Biomaterial: How They Are Transforming How We Make Things panel. Other panelists included Balaji Prabhu, Director, Strategic Marketing, Medical Device Solutions at Evonik and John Brown, Founder and CEO at StenCo. The panel was moderated by Esther Kim, Scientist at SynBioBeta, and focused on various ways biology and chemistry are disrupting the way materials are produced. The panel particularly emphasized trends in new material development that prioritize sustainability and protecting the environment. Alex expounded upon ACOMP’s realtime data streams that enable manufacturers to optimize polymerization processes—leading to greater yields, improved product quality, and reduced cycle times. Using these new insights, customers can optimize existing production processes, scale up faster, and accelerate the time to market of advanced materials. Click here to watch the Chemicals and Biomaterial panel.

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