Summer Webinar Series

Just in time for summer, Fluence Analytics is hosting a lineup of three new webinars!
Topics include:
1) ACOMP Detectors – Mike Drenski
2) Polymer Characterization 101: The Fundamentals – Dr. Wayne Reed
3) Benefits of In Situ Aggregation Kinetics – Dr. Chris Roberts
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Join Mike Drenski as he explores the current offering of ACOMP detectors as well as the measurements and value they deliver!

During this webinar you will learn:

1) How detecting polymer properties with physical principles delivers value in manufacturing and R&D
2) The current offering of ACOMP detectors
3) Value generated and polymer properties measured by the various detectors
4) Integrating GPC with ACOMP’s sample stream

Dr. Reed is back with another Fluence Analytics webinar which will delve into the fundamentals of polymer characterization!

Watch this webinar for a better understanding of:

1) The essentials of polymer characterization
2) Different detectors and techniques for polymer analysis
3) The value in using particular techniques like GPC
4) Importance of kinetic datasets

Dr. Chris Roberts, Professor at the Univ. of Delaware, will explore some advantages of using in situ, kinetic data from ARGEN.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

1) How in situ light scattering is a powerful technique to combine with orthogonal methods
2) Rethinking the design of aggregation kinetics experiments to better identify key reversible aggregation intermediates and competing pathways
3) How competing aggregation pathways can also be concentration dependent
4) How ex situ aggregation techniques can easily overlook the variability in aggregation rates of proteins and peptides