Yokogawa’s Y NOW 2021 — Realizing Autonomous Operations

Y NOW 2021
How Digital Transformation Enables Autonomous Polymer Operations

Fluence Analytics investor, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, is hosting its annual Y NOW conference on November 2-4, 2021. The theme of this year’s free, virtual event is Realizing Autonomous Operations. The conference’s program will include discussions about IIoT, supply chain management, asset performance, advanced analytics and much more. Last year’s Y NOW virtual event hosted more than 2,500 attendees from over 70 countries. Y NOW 2021 will showcase how to realize autonomous operations to rapidly adapt to market disruptions and benefit from improved safety, reliability and efficiency, while expediting time-to-market.

This year, Alex Reed, CEO and Co-founder of Fluence Analytics, will deliver a keynote address about enabling autonomous polymer operations through digital transformation. Alex’s keynote is scheduled for Thursday, November 4, at 10:30 am CDT, and his talk will delve into three of the most important aspects of polymer manufacturing: specifications, operational efficiency, and inventory management. The polymer industry is currently struggling with aging assets spread across the globe and variations in feedstocks and workforce performance. Now is the time to standardize critical operating parameters through quantitative means—it is vital for polymer companies to remain competitive in a dynamic market landscape.

Today’s end users require increasing levels of performance from their materials as applications continually expand, pushing the limits of existing assets and technologies. This is especially timely and important as the workforce ages, and tribal knowledge has not been adequately captured and quantified. A key facet of digital transformation is expanding the available quantitative process data to improve decision-making. Register now and tune in on November 4 to learn more about how real-time, advanced analytics and control solutions can lead to optimized, autonomous manufacturing, while enabling greater sustainability and the next generation of materials.


Alex Reed

Alex is co-founder and CEO of Fluence Analytics, a tech startup that provides real-time analytics solutions for the optimization of manufacturing and R&D processes. Under his leadership, Fluence Analytics has raised over $13 million in equity funding from institutional investors, including Energy Innovation Capital, Diamond Edge Ventures, a strategic venture group for Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, and JSR Corporation. Alex is listed as an inventor on several patents and served on the boards for the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition and the Applied Polymer Technology Extension Consortium. In 2016, Forbes recognized Alex as a 30 under 30 recipient, and he has been recognized with several local entrepreneur and innovation awards.




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