ARGEN Brochure: Protein Stability Monitoring

ARGEN by Fluence Analytics is the right instrument to assess the pharmaceutical stability of therapeutic proteins and general stability of natural polymer products. ARGEN allows for 16 independent experiments to run simultaneously, and each sample is measured continuously throughout the experiment, yielding extremely valuable kinetic sample stability data. ARGEN utilizes 16 completely independent cuvette sample holders, and each is capable of precise control of temperature and stirring stressors applied to the sample solution. The detection method is based on the established technique of Static Light Scattering (SLS). SLS has long been the standard method for characterizing the size and stability of polymers, proteins and other natural products in solution. Rather than observing a snapshot of the sample before and after aggregation, ARGEN continuously monitors the state of the sample throughout the entire aggregation process. This continuous measurement provides direct insight into, and early detection of, the mass aggregation and kinetic determination of the Aggregation Rate (AR) of the sample. For more information, read the ARGEN brochure.

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