Fluence Analytics (formerly Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies), a manufacturer of smart industrial and laboratory monitoring systems, recently released the third generation of its ACOMP, an automated system that performs continuous, real-time monitoring and characterization of polymers for 3D printing, smart QA, and other uses during manufacturing and post-processing.

The ACOMP QA process enabled a global specialty chemical company to cut its batch cycle time by an average of 17% and eliminate occasional off-spec polymer batches requiring rework, according to Fluence Analytics, a spinoff from Tulane University.

Improvements to the ACOMP system include broader analytics functionality, including optional machine learning; an enhanced user interface; an upgraded detector train; an industrial-grade pumping system equipped with more diagnostics and system health monitoring capabilities; and new smart sensors. The latest ACOMP also operates at a higher temperature, allowing it to work with more polymers.

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