Michael Drenski

CTO | Co-Founder

Michael Drenski is co-founder and CTO of Fluence Analytics, a manufacturer of systems that produce continuous data streams enabling realtime optimization of manufacturing and R&D processes. Prior to founding Fluence Analytics, Michael worked as the Director for Instrumentation at Tulane-PolyRMC, an R&D center which is active in fundamental and applied polymer research.

In 2012 Michael co-founded Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies (APMT) to commercialize technologies he helped develop at Tulane-PolyRMC. He possesses unparalleled expertise in the hardware, software, data analytics and technical understanding of Fluence Analytics’ proprietary technologies.

APMT became Fluence Analytics in 2017 to emphasize its focus on continuous process analytics and better reflect the company’s vision for the future of polymer and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. As the CTO of Fluence Analytics, Michael leads the technology vision and roadmap, both setting and executing the company’s product development priorities. Michael is listed as inventor on several patents and has authored and co-authored numerous scientific papers. He holds a B.S. in Physics from Youngstown State University and an M.S. in Physics from Tulane University.