APMT Releases First Technical Note Detailing Full ACOMP Capabilities

(New Orleans, LA, U.S.) ‒ Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies (APMT) has released its first technical note, detailing the features, benefits and functionality of the ACOMP smart manufacturing system.

The technical note describes the evolution of the ACOMP technology honed through R&D efforts over the past 20 years by scientists and engineers at Tulane University and APMT. The technical note describes the ACOMP data streams and the critical outputs such as measured real-time monomer and polymer concentration and weight average molecular weight throughout the reaction.

Furthermore, APMT’s first technical note describes some of the potential measurable benefits achieved with ACOMP use, including increased polymer yield and quality and reduced cycle time. The technical note presents a description of ACOMP for laboratory, pilot and industrial applications, and some of the data visualization and reporting functionality such as automated email reports for each polymer production batch.

APMT envisions that ACOMP through its current continuous, real-time monitoring capabilities will also enable full control of specific desired polymer characteristics.

About APMT
Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies, Inc. develops, manufactures and distributes products and services for the real-time monitoring, analysis and control of polymer reactions, solutions, dispersions and suspensions across all synthetic and natural polymer sectors from R&D through high volume industrial production. For more information, visit www.apmtinc.com.


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