APMT Releases Second Generation Industrial ACOMP

Smart Manufacturing System Achieves 99% Availability Since Installation

(New Orleans, LA, U.S.) ‒ Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies (APMT) recently launched its second generation industrial ACOMP product with a successful installation at an industrial polymer manufacturing facility. The second generation ACOMP was installed in June 2016, achieving more than 99% availability since installation.

APMT’s first generation ACOMP was installed at a polymer manufacturing facility in 2014, achieving more than 97% availability over the past 26 months of operation. Improvements on the second generation ACOMP include complete system automation driven by process operations, remote sample handling, and analysis software upgrades.

“Our team has worked tirelessly to launch our second generation ACOMP system. Utilizing onboard sensors, we’ve applied learning from our first version to improve performance and reliability from an already high level achieved on our first system. We look forward to furthering our development efforts as we continue to push ACOMP toward full automated control of polymer properties,” says Michael Drenski, APMT Chief Technical Officer.

APMT is currently using its Laboratory ACOMP in its applications engineering lab to develop applications for new chemistries and optimize polymerization processes. The expansion of ACOMP to other polymer chemistries will significantly reduce manufacturing costs, improve product quality and reduce the environmental footprint of polymer manufacturers. “This second generation ACOMP provides us with additional data regarding the value generated by ACOMP. We continue to push our technology to meet the challenges and needs of our customers, and our team is excited to continue expanding ACOMP to new chemistries in partnership with our customers,” says Alex Reed, APMT Chief Executive Officer.

About APMT
Advanced Polymer Monitoring Technologies, Inc. develops, manufactures and distributes products and services for the real-time monitoring, analysis, and control of polymer reactions, solutions, dispersions and suspensions across all synthetic and natural polymer sectors from R&D through high volume industrial production. For more information, visit www.apmtinc.com.

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