Webinar: Biosimilar – Protein Aggregation and Stability Analysis

biosimilar workshop

Biosimilar Webinar – Protein Aggregation and Stability Analysis

Alex Reed and Prof. Wayne Reed, CEO and CSO of Fluence Analytics, respectively, participated in a biosimilar webinar discussing the use and advantages of ARGEN  to analyze the aggregation and stability of proteins. The webinar dives into Simultaneous Multiple Sample Light Scattering (SMSLS) which is a technology utilized by ARGEN. The Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) in Mumbai, India hosted the workshop, and Dr. Ratnesh Jain, Assistant Professor at ICT Mumbai was the moderator.

Webinar topics include:

1) Features and benefits of SMSLS technology
2) Causes of aggregation
3) Determining the stability of a formulation

Watch it now!

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