Webinar: Intro to Light Scattering by Dr. Wayne Reed

 Interested in learning about the fundamentals of Light Scattering?

Want to know more about the differences between DLS and SLS?


Watch the free webinar by Fluence Analytics CSO, Dr. Wayne Reed, who provides an introduction to light scattering then discusses how the technique’s use as a characterization tool has evolved with the growing needs of the biopharmaceutical industry. The webinar also addresses the differences between Dynamic and Static Light Scattering and what quantities and averages each is most sensitive to in protein characterization.


 During this webinar you will gain insight regarding:

1) The fundamental origins of light scattering
2) How light scattering works for both SLS and DLS
3) Traditional characterization uses of light scattering data for macromolecular solutions in equilibrium
4) Using SLS to continuously monitor non-equilibrium processes, with an emphasis on protein aggregation
5) The difference between SLS and DLS

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Meet the panelist

Dr. Wayne Reed

Dr. Wayne Reed – CSO at Fluence Analytics

Dr. Reed is the Murchison-Mallory Chair in Physics and the Founding Director of PolyRMC at Tulane University. He is considered a leading expert in data analysis and characterization methods of synthetic and natural polymers. He has authored more than 150 publications and is listed as inventor on more than 30 issued patents and patent applications. Dr. Reed is co-founder and CSO of Fluence Analytics; additionally, he is the inventor of all technologies contributing to the Fluence Analytics product portfolio.

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